CDR(dstchannel) incorrect value for multiple destinations

Hello everyone,

I’m using Asterisk

I have a SIP trunk and incoming calls are ringing multiple extensions. When the call is unanswered I noticed that CDR(dstchannel) has value and it’s one of the called extensions. For example:

Incoming call is routed to extensions 203 and 293, nobody answers and caller hangs up. CDR(dstchannel)=SIP/292-00000640

This is my Dial command: Dial(SIP/203&SIP/292,Ttg)


more debug info:

[quote][root@pbx ~]# asterisk -x 'core show channels verbose’
Channel Context Extension Prio State Application Data CallerID Duration Accountcode PeerAccount BridgedTo
SIP/292-00000640 from-internal cmd_Forward 1 Ringing AppDial (Outgoing Line) 292 00:00:09 (None)
SIP/203-0000063f from-internal cmd_Forward 1 Ringing AppDial (Outgoing Line) 203 00:00:09 (None)
SIP/Trunk-0000063e execute-routing-apps cmd_Forward 13 Ring Dial SIP/203&SIP/292,Ttg XXXXXXXXXX 00:00:09 (None)[/quote]
You can see that BridgedTo=(None)

I use dstchannel in my h extension for some post-setup and this value misleads me.

Is this a bug or it is expected to work in such way? How there is a dstchannel when the call is unanswered and not bridged?


Anyone interested in this problem with question or suggestion?

I suspect you are in an area where the behaviour is not defined. In any case, CDRs are known not to work well in all but the simplest cases, and are receiving very limited support.