Queue + agi + 2 static agents

I have queue with 2 static agents (301, 302) and agi that is executed when agent answers. In agi script I parse CDR(dstchannel) to get answered agent number.

If queue strategy is rrmemory, so only one phones rings at a time, dstchannel is Local/301@from-queue-xxxxxx or Local/302@from-queue-xxxxxx depending on who picked up the phone.

If strategy is ringall, no matter who answered, dstchannel every time is Local/302@from-queue-xxxxxx. I tried use 301 and 306. Then dstchannel is Local/306@from-queue.

Is this due to a wrong config or a bug?
In asterisk 1.4/1.6 it works correctly.

In asterisk 1.4.44 it works correctly in my case.

but there’s strange something like channel name.
why do you use a Local channel?
do you have to use a local channel?

I thought that’s depend on your dial-plan.
check dial-plan first!

That members are created by freepbx gui and suppose it’s because Local channel allows process call forward or dnd settings for extension. I’ll try SIP channel but do not expect it helps.

I have tried SIP/301 and SIP/302 as agents - same result

Maybe, this’s caused by freepbx dialplan.

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