Wishlist: Pulse metering detection

Would you like to include 12kHz/16kHz pulse metering tone detection in the zapata options?

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  • No

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i have a problem in billing calls because our telephone company doesn’t provide polarity reversal Answer Supervision Signalling but rather a 16kHz (or 12kHz) pulse metering tone when B-party answers (and subsequently after periodic interval per tariff rate of the call). this metering signal is used in payphones and home pulse meters to display the running total of their phone bill. i cannot use call progress option since we are outside the USA.

at 8kHz sampling rate, Asterisk cannot detect this tone. is it possible to sample the phone line at 32kHz after dialing while waiting for the “first” metering pulse only then switch back to normal 8kHz sampling rate?

i’d like to see this feature included in asterisk. otherwise, this can be implemented by using hardware.

i found at this URL the countries that uses pulse metering:


12kHz/~2Vrms, differential/~125ms (Frequency/Level/Duration):
Australia, Austria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, C?te d’Ivoire, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Rwanda, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey

16kHz/~2Vrms, differential/~125ms:
Belgium, Czeck Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Israel, Lesotho, Norway, Slovakia, Yugoslavia

50Hz/~50Vrms, longitudinal/~160ms:
Great Britain, Netherlands

PHilippines (not included in the list) uses 16khz (mostly) and 12khz.

For applications involving accurate billing w/ FXO lines, this is a vital feature. If you need this feature, pls be counted to catch the attn of interface card mfrs. Whether it will be implemented in software or hardware, it’s up to the developers.