Asterisk and pulse dialing

We recenty bought a TDM400 card with 1 FXO and 1 FXS modules.
We want VoIP users to be able to call external line, but we have a small issue. Unfortunately our phone station supports pulse dialing only. We’ve enabled a pulse dialing in zapata configuration file, but when Asterisk calls the external phone the phone station seems to not recognize the pulses from it. When you’ll drop the analog phone headset you’ll hear the pulses and the tone disappears, but the call doesn’t go through.
We’ve played with pulsemaketime, pulseaftertime etc. parameters but without any success.
Probably someone has any ideas? … se+dialing

As I said above, we’ve played with pulse.make, pulse.pause etc., not in any conf file but directly in zaptel.h - we’ve seen the changes in work (like increased pause between pulse series), but that doesn’t fix anything.
Also, as I said above, we’re playing with FXO module, so the only item regarding it in the article you’ve provided is playing with those parameters, which doesn’t help.
Also, can the loadzone and defaultzone make any impact on the pulse dialing standard?

the was some discussion on this a while back in this post maybe it will help … ight=pulse