How to activation signal 16 Khz and signal polarity

Hello all,

I want to ask,
present condiition.
when we call to the destination number, the recipient has not adopted telfonnya, but the duration is already running.

which are desired :
how, so that when we telephone to the destination number. the duration of the road yet when we telfon not lift his telephone. and when her new adoptive duration starts running.

If there is a setting in Elastix, what should be in the set

Elastix 4
Asterisk and 11:13

thank you

It may help if you repeat this in the original language. This looks like a machine translation.

Please indicate which channel drivers you are using. This sounds like you are using an analogue line without answer supervision. The best solution for that is to use ISDN or VoIP instead, but there is a dahdi option to use a l polarity reversal to signal answer. Your PSTN provider has to support this.

The PSTN cannot pass frequencies above about 3.4kHz (sampling rate is 8kHz) so I don’t understand where 16kHz comes from, but, in any case, Asterisk cannot use in band tones for answer supervision.

Thank you for your answer @david551

oke, i would like the duration call running when the destination number is already pick up the phone.
the condition is not like that now.

and i was browser how to fix it. and this link i read (translate to english) this tutorial for indonesia PSTN

and where i set the polarity ? in asterisk or PSTN provider ?

i’waiting for the respon with pleasure


Both. The PSTN provider has to enable the feature on the line (it may always be there or it may not be possible, as well) and you have to to set

; For FXO (FXS signalled) ports
;   watch for a polarity reversal to mark when a outgoing call is
;   answered by the remote party.

in chan_dahdi.conf.

Hai @david551

i have already change this

and it can’t work.
my server always get not answered report from the destination number or notif pick up.

In that case, the PSTN operator is not providing a line reversal on answer. Unless you can get them to do so, there is no way that you can have Asterisk detect answered calls on their analogue lines.

However, using the U or G options on Dial, you may be able to run dialplan that deduces an answer by listening for silence.