Windows application that shows activity on extensions

Is there any Windows based application that:

  • Shows which extensions are currently available, busy, etc.
  • Runs in read-only mode, the viewer cannot make ANY changes.
  • Works with Asterisk

This application would:

  • Be very handy when remote extensions login and logout.
  • Let our non-technical staff see who is available. To call, transfer, etc.

FOP / Flash Operator Panel …

id HUDlite server available outside of a trixbox enviroment? last time I tried I couldnt find the download for the server portion.

I downloaded and installed HUDlite on a Windows XP machine.

hudlite-server and ircd
are already running

But when I run HUDlite on XP, I get the message:
Unable to connect to your HUD server
failed to login

Can you help me fix this?

So far everyone has posted really good ones, however my favourite one so far is this:

I have found this one to be the best to work with, and also the most easiest, however it has small little bugs, but they are not that annoying to be honest.

Good Luck with what ever option you take.



you can try Voix Manager, is a beta but very stable, run on Windows, Linux and Mac

I’ve been using iSymphony for a while now, and it’s by far the most polished that I’ve seen.

No support for queues or queue stats quite yet, unfortunately, but I expect that’ll change soon.