Will Asterisk work for me?

I have tried searching but haven’t found anything similar to this.

I am a home user/home office. I have 2 regular phone lines through my phone company. I really like the Cisco 79xx series telephones and like the idea of having multiple (business like) extensions in my home. My question is this:
Do I have to subscribe to Vonage (or another VOIP company) in order to use Asterisk for incoming AND outgoing calls?
If I chose to keep the same phone lines, could I still use the Cisco 7940/7060 series telephones? Can someone please give me a brief explanation of what I could have to do to set this up (hardware and config wise)?

Thanks, I appreciate all of your help.

NO you dont have to subscribe to a ITSP like vonage or anything. You can buy a card from digium to put into a pc which will interface to the phone companies two phone lines. Yes you can use the Cisco phones to connect to the asterisk server to dial out.