WiFI VoIP Ping Response Time

I recently purchased a Linksys WIP 330, Dlink DPH-540 and a ZyXel Prestige 2000w WiFi VoIP Phones.

On my network, I only have the above 3 devices and my laptop configured via wireless. Nothing else is on this network.

When I perfomed a ping from my laptop to any of the 3 phones, I have a response time which fluctuates from 50ms to 200 ms.

I also tried turning off two of the WiFi VoIP phones, performed the ping test and the results were the same.

When I connect my Asterisk server to this network and pinged my laptop, I have a response time of less than 1 ms.

Strange enough, I performed a continuous ping from the latop for both the Linksys and Dlink phones. When I called from one phone to the other phone, the response time for both phones dropped to 3 ms however I hear alot of echo.

Is this a normal behavior for WiFI VoIP Phones?

I have a feeling the odd ping response has to do with the wifi power saving. When the phone is not in use it probably goes into wifi power saving mode, which means the reciever only wakes up and checks in to see if a packet is waiting for it a few times a second. If it is on a call, it is continually transmitting and recieving, no sleep time, thus the low ping.

No idea about echo, if you are calling from one IP phone directly to another there should not be an echo…