Wich program is best to do AGI?


Between all the languages available in Linux ( Perl, JAVA, PHP, Ruby, etc )
wich one you recomend to do AGI with using interfaces like PHP-AGI, RAGI, etc?



Good Question;

PHP is a bad idea for a production system as
Interpreter needs to be loaded before script execution
Interpretation makes execution slow.

Perl option will be similar to PHP.

The answer would be C for speedy execution but the
Developer has to take extra care when dealing with pointers and
cleanup routines.

Whatever language you choose you have to consider two things:

  1. Ease of development(PHP,Perl)
  2. Scalability and Resource utilization©

and you cannot have both at the same time…

"PHP is a bad idea for a production system "

even when we talk at most at 24 concurrent open channels using it?
Is that bad?

well well …

I had initially used php script in production system that had database interaction. In php script there was a noticable delay in the start of execution and the statement by statement execution.

So I had to change the code to C. After this it worked like charm…

That was my experience. You can take your pick

hi, i need to modify sourcre of code one of the asterisk application …
How can i recompile and debug it, applications are coded in C
plz do reply

are the modifications yours (or a suggested modification that needs to be added manually), or is it a patch from the devs ?

if yours, then use your fave text editor, make the changes and compile in the normal way. if a patch, then put the patch in the same directory as the source file you’re changing, then at the command line while in that directory enter ‘patch -p0 < ./<name_of_patch_file>’

see asterisk.org/developers/Patch_Howto