Why do I have `/dev/zapctl` instead of `/dev/zap/ctl`?

I am having problems loading the zaptel module. From what I can gather it might have to do with udev, but I don’t know enough about Linux to be able to fix it. It appears to be looking for a device called “zap”, but I have a device called “zapctl” instead. Renaming it to “zap” doesn’t fix the problem.

I’m running Red Hat Enterprise 3.4.4-2 (2.6 kernal) if that helps. Thanks!

Loading zaptel framework:                                  [  OK  ]
Waiting for zap to come online...Error: missing /dev/zap!

Ahhh… just needed to dig around on Google a bit longer. This solution fixed the prob.

Not exactly intuative is it. I would appear that this error is 99% udev related. Wouldn’t it be great if the message said, “check udev permissions”