Problem: loading zaptel [resolved]

help me out again with this one…

am using fedora6 here for Asterisk 1.2…
the steps i already did:

a) added the following lines to the end of file- /etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev.rules

Section for zaptel device

kernel=“zapctl”, name="zap/ctl"
kernel=“zaptimer”, name"zap/timer"
kernel=“zapchannel”, name=zap/channel"
kernel=“zappseudo”, name=“zap/pseudo"
kernel=“zap[0-9]*”, name"zap/%n”

b) already rebooted the system then tried loading the zaptel module but failed. says:

fatal:zaptel module not found

what will i do next?
how will i go about this one???
need help ASAP!!!

Could this be the same issue?

yeah…it is…
so how?

You could blindly try what I did, or post info requested there.