Which type of hardware server for asterisk for a production

Hello @everyone,

I want to make a new installation of voip system for a production in a small call center.
Which type of hardware server do I need to install windows server 2012 with and the VMWare ESXi 6.5 on what I want to install CentOs 7 with a from scratch Asterisk 13 LTS?

NB: on an other installation I have some troubles with the connexion to the CLI. I had this message:

[root@localhost asterisk]# asterisk -rvvv
Unable to connect to remote asterisk (does /var/run/asterisk/asterisk.ctl exist?)
[root@localhost asterisk]#
[root@localhost asterisk]# tail -f /var/log/messages
Nov  8 09:34:02 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[21805] trap invalid opcode ip:7f46e9c326ad sp:7ffdc865aad0 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7f46e9c2e000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:08 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[21886] trap invalid opcode ip:7f22edeb76ad sp:7ffcfae9b1b0 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7f22edeb3000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:13 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[21967] trap invalid opcode ip:7fa2c00876ad sp:7ffcea336ff0 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7fa2c0083000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:19 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22048] trap invalid opcode ip:7f406a03f6ad sp:7fff131b1db0 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7f406a03b000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:24 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22129] trap invalid opcode ip:7fc48db216ad sp:7ffe1fb6f350 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7fc48db1d000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:30 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22210] trap invalid opcode ip:7f6a396e16ad sp:7ffe168b71d0 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7f6a396dd000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:35 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22290] trap invalid opcode ip:7fd7dcec66ad sp:7fffce166490 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7fd7dcec2000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:41 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22371] trap invalid opcode ip:7f52a66c46ad sp:7ffc2bb99930 error:0 in codec_lpc10.so[7f52a66c0000+d000]
Nov  8 09:34:41 localhost rsyslogd: imjournal: fclose() failed for path: '/var/lib/rsyslog/imjournal.state.tmp': No space left on device [v8.24.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/0 ]
Nov  8 09:34:46 localhost kernel: traps: asterisk[22452] trap invalid opcode ip:7f24ceb5a6ad

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This sounds like another of your recent questions.

My advice would be to use a real machine.

I’ve already told you how find out how to work round this VMWare bug.

So on my hardware server, I install directly my operation system CentOS 7 with Asterisk 13 LTS.