Which product should i use?

Ok, so I need some advice from the professionals. I have a client that is looking for a new phone system. I have convinced myself and them, that Asterisk is the best solution for their budget, and it is reliable enough for production environment. Now, I have a very long IT technical background in about everything Telephony, Windows, Cisco, Mitel, Avaya… everything that is except for Asterisk and Linux.

With that being said, which product should I use to pull this installation off.

  1. Switchvox
  2. Trixbox
  3. Elastix
  4. VoIPTelecaster
  5. Intutiave Voice, Evolution

Now, my client has a central distribution center with 30 phones and about 15 remote locations that will need phones.

Any help would be great !!


By default I go with option 6 unless you know a particular gui and how it works real well. A lot of time people use gui’s and have no clue how Asterisk works. If there is an issue they have no idea how to fix it, know anything about SIP, security etc.

GUI’s also generate a lot more code and can make things a lot more complicated.

With that being said if there is a GUI that you want to use I would go with FreePBX. It seems to be out there the longest. Lot of people use it. Just make sure that you read up on it :wink: