Which overhead paging system is best?

I have setup a voip system using all polycom phones. Now we need to install an overhead paging system. I am just curious which one would be best for a large factory with several open rooms? The page should call all phones as well as the overhead speakers. I am finding bits and pieces of how to set this up but haven’t come across a definite guide. Can anyone give some advice? Thanks very much!


I had the same issue. How I solved the problem is by taking a cheap grandstream phone and modifying it to suit my needs. First I used the headset jack (1/4 inch jack) to hook up to my amplifier, then to solve the problem of turning off the music so the page could be heard, I opened the phone and where the LED is (with this phone, the LED turns on during a call and off all other times), I cut that line and soldered in a transistor to trigger a relay, which in turn connects the mute line on my amp, shuts off the music, and allows the page to come through.

Then in my dialplan i have this
exten => *42,1,Answer()
exten => *42,n,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: Auto Answer)
exten => *42,n,Page(SIP/intercom&SIP/other phoens…)

that works well for me. don’t ask me why i used *42… i have no reason for it.

hope that helps…

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Eric plz tell me are you isng Polycom phones?
As i am serching paging dial plan logic for my cisco-7940 phone. i am searched this all possible web sites like voip-info but i can get such detailsfor dila plan & other settings.
So friend did you have such config for cisco & linksys pageing dail plan.Plz plz provide me & help me


I use a mix of Bogen and Valcom see


I use Bogen in the factory (3 seperate 75,000 sqft buildings) and the Valcom units in the office. The speakers and amps were already installed before we had Asterisk so I just needed the Bogen TAMB devices to hook up to an analog port. The system works great.

Valcom has some VOIP ready devices if this is a new install.

This is a new install. I still have a few things left before the phone system is completely setup. After this we need to tie in the intercom. So I’m basically going to have to run Cat 5 to some speakers and set them up as a group with autoanswer?

I am using polycom phones for most of my users phones, but the intercom is a grandstream phone set to auto answer. if you are not using the system for music and just for paging, just set the phone to answer calls, and plug the headset jack in to the amp and you’re golden.

Like swaterhouse, I’m using a Bogen TAMB for a 55,000 sq. ft. factory which already had the amplifier and speakers installed.

I used a Bogen TAMB and a Linksys PAP2T ATA. First, I configured Line 1 of the ATA as an extension. Then, I ran a phone cable from Line 1 of the ATA to a terminal block. From there, I ran some wire from the terminal block to the input of the TAMB and punched it down. Next, I got a cable with a 1/4 jack and ran that from the Mic 1 on the amplifier to the therminal block. From there, I ran some wire from the terminal block to the output of the TAMB. I used the terminal block because the wire with the 1/4 jack and the wire in the flat phone cable was stranded. Stranded cable isn’t meant to be punched down.

The Bogen TAMB is pretty cool. It doesn’t require any external power. It gets power supplied by the ATA. When you call the paging extension, the TAMB automatically answers the call and plays an “attention” beep which is heard on the phone making the page and through the amplifier. When you’re done with your page, the TAMB will disconnect as soon as you hang up. It works great!

The only thing I had to configure on the ATA was CPC (Calling Party Control). You have to set this above 40ms so the TAMB knows when you have hung up. I set mine to 500ms and it works great.

I think I paid $170 for my TAMB. Since that time, I’ve seen several of them in great condition on eBay go for $45 ~ $55. Doh!