Which Digium card should I buy?

Hi All,

After several irritating tests on my old LineJACK I decided to buy a Digium card. Having a look to the price list, I noticed a great difference between a Wildcard TDM13B and a TE410P. Can anybody show me why there is such a difference?

Well, I need to bring up Asterisk for about 250 users (all of them provided by a softphone or any kind of VoIP phone), and my * box is a 2.4MHz with 1Gb RAM. I only need one FXS port and one FXO port.

Which card do you recommend? Thanks in advance!

You are comparing apples and oranges. A TDM13B has 3 FXO ports and 1 FXS port. A TE410P has 4 E1/T1 ports.

Say what? 250 people are going to share 1 phone line?

ok, and what’s the difference between an FXO and a E1/T1 port?

FXO = 1 x 4khz (?) bandwidth analog audio channel

E1/T1 = 24 x 64kbps digital channels, multiplexed together