Which device I need to use?


I’m a newbie on Asterisk, and I have some questions.

I’m have installed AsteriskNow on my old notebook. I’m trying to do those functions.

1- Handle incoming telephone calls, play a greeting message and redirect it to SIP client.
2- If a SIP Client dials a number handle it and make a call on telephony line.

I think I need a usb device that has FXO and FXS ports… which device do you suggest me? Which specification must have the device.

Thanks for all responses.

This is the wrong forum for support requests.

The answer depends on how your phone calls arrive. If they arrive as analogue signals over twisted pair wiring, you can’t use a PCI card, so you need a SIP gateway (with an FXO interface), or throw away the analogue line and use the services of an ITSP to give you a SIP connection into the PSTN.

It looks like one of Digium’s competitors provides USB FXO devices. I would suggest contacting their sales organisation as to what you need; also about what support they will provide for its use with Asterisk.

A thread on this subject on a more correct forum is: forums.digium.com/viewtopic.php? … 45&start=0

I haven’t allowed for any limitations introduced by using a GUI, rather than working directly with Asterisk.