Where is Voicemail to email template?

I’m trying to change the default email notification for voicemail.

What file do I edit to make the changes. It’s not voicemail.conf.

The template for emailbody message is in the file minivm.conf but the changes I make don’t show up.

Any idea how go make my changes take effect? (I did stop and restart Asterisk)

Thanks for any help.


What are you trying do to? Are trying to modify the email messages, or are you trying to change the email command itself?

The app_voicemail configuration file is voicemail.conf, it is most likely you are using that. Can you explain why you say “it’s not voicemail.conf”?

I’m trying to modify the text of the email message that is send when there is a new voicemail.

The file voicemail.conf doesn’t have the text used in the email that is sent. The file has one variable for subject and that is commented out by default.

The text of the email message does appear in minivm.conf where is not commented out.

I just tried copying the code for message from minivm.conf to the voicemail.conf and nothing changed.

messagebody=Dear ${MVM_NAME}:\n\n\tjust wanted to let you know you were just left a ${MVM_DUR} long message \nin mailbox ${MVM_MAILBOX} from $(MVM_CALLERID$
subject = New voicemail
dateformat=%A, %B %d, %Y at %r

messagebody is all on one line.

Edit voicemail.conf.

Thanks jcolp and EkFudrek.

The file voicemail.conf is the place to put the new email message.

The variable name for the email message template is different in voicemail.conf and minivm.conf

The variable messagebody in minivm.conf needs to be changed to emailbody Also watch for change from a parenthesis to curly brackets.

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