Where is ast_channel structure in 11.9.0

where is ast_channel structure in 11.9.0??

That’s a developer question and this is an end user forum.

However, looking at a slightly dated trunk, that probably shares the new structure, it is fairly easy to find using grep:

[code]david@dhcppc3:~/middle/asterisk/asterisk-trunk/include/asterisk$ grep ‘struct ast_channel *{’ *
grep: doxygen: Is a directory
david@dhcppc3:~/middle/asterisk/asterisk-trunk/include/asterisk$ grep ‘struct ast_channel;’ *
channel.h:struct ast_channel;
grep: doxygen: Is a directory
lock.h:struct ast_channel;
david@dhcppc3:~/middle/asterisk/asterisk-trunk/include/asterisk$ cd …/…/main
david@dhcppc3:~/middle/asterisk/asterisk-trunk/main$ grep ‘struct ast_channel *{’ *
channel_internal_api.c:struct ast_channel {
grep: editline: Is a directory
grep: stdtime: Is a directory