How to acces ast_channel structure in channel_internal_api.c

i am upgrading to 11.9.0 version and written own channel drivers(chan_isx) for PSTN phones(bcz our board/system not supported DHADI).our own channel driver for PSTN work proparly with by accessing ast_channel structure members from channel.h but in asterisk 11.9.0 ast_channel structure(channel_internal_api) was not used,how to access ast_channel structure members and ast_channel_tech from channel_internal_api.c file in asterisk 11.9.0 version.

please reply

As already pointed out, this is the wrong place. Please read the sticky posting about developer questions.

You will need to use the API defined by that module. If you are unable to reverse engineer that from the code, I don’t believe you should be attempting to manipulate the internal structures at all.