Where can i get ethernet voip hardphone

hy all
i ahave gane through a lot of sites but didnt satisfied with the ethernet voip phones due to their prices. can any body tell me where to get ethernet voipfones in a normal range( $ ).
and also give me suggestion that which protocol phones will be better SIP, IAX, H.323
keeping in mind their prices.

i will be waiting for ur positive response
ishtiaq ahmed

Not sure where you have looked or what you consider a ‘resonable’ $ range, but check out:


I have had great luck with NetXUSA.com. I have just bought 8 of the SNOM 360 SIP phones. They look and work great.

www.voipsupply.com is my favorite site.

They’ll sell you wide open versions of the things that the providers sell to you as well.

And they’ll fill small orders. (one or two phones) which many sites will not. (Some want minimum orders of 1000+ units to ensure they sell only to providers.)