Where are these contexts at?

im using AAH, from the cli if i do “zap show channels” it shows me a context of from-pstn

and if i try to do a dial 615552224444 from the cli it says cannot find it in from-internal

I do not have either of these context anywhere that I can find? Where do you guys think these are at i think its my problem…

Try use the fgrep command from the linux shell to check if the context are defined (and if defined, in which file):
fgrep “from-internal” /etc/asterisk/* .


Marco Bruni

thats a neat trick. thanks

the ones that did have those context, i renamed them from name.conf to name.conf.bk

It was alot of the custom_additional.conf files for iax/sip/extensions, etc

i went into cli and did reload, but it still doing the same thing…not sure where it is getting those context from now?

it took a restart at the cli, not a reload.

I never use the restart command, ill keep that in mind from now on.
(yes i know it will drop calls)