Confused about customizing contexts


I’m running AAH 2.2. The only issue I have is that there is no (apparent) way to turn PrivacyManager on for incoming PSTN calls. Looking at config files, it seemed to me the trick was to put something in extensions_custom.conf in the new context [from-pstn-custom]. I did so, but am having odd behavior (specifically, if the person blows the phone number entry, the entire sequence restarts from the beginning, including playing the zapateller SIT…) I was using extension ‘s’, starting at 1. Given that that context is included in the from-pstn context and how matching works, it seemed to me that might not be right (and might explain the behavior.) I can’t find anything online (I’ve googled a LOT on this) on best practices for these custom files and the contexts that go in them. It seems like an inbound PSTN call always starts at ‘s’,1 since that’s where the zaptel config sends them (I have a TDM11B). I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but have no idea what. Any clues would be appreciated…


no ideas? for what it’s worth, i found out (by letting the scenario play out) that this loop runs exactly two times. e.g. i get the 2nd SIT and then privacy manager runs the second time, and if i don’t enter a valid phone number, asterisk hangs up on me. i’ve looked at the various conf files and can’t for the life of me see why&where this is happening. i