When using MixMonitor, some recorded files may not be recorded


I am recording a recording file via MixMonitor when creating a channel.

However, even though some files are created and the filestream is closed through StopMixMonitor(), the files are not actually created.

In the case I expect, if another channel is created after a channel is created, there seems to be a case where the recording does not work properly.

Below are some logs at end of call.
MixMonitor close filestream (mixed)
== Executing [conv2mp3 var/www/html/rec/1681800678.3470.wav]
== End MixMonitor Recording PJSIP/1004-0000064c

I’m curious about the cause of this, and I need a solution.
thank you.

May be wrong rights on directory.

I saw that a file was created in the recording folder, and there was no update in the asterisk log, but the file suddenly disappeared.

And these things happen relatively infrequently, not 100 percent.

Found the reason. That’s because a colleague made crontab delete wav files every hour.

I wasted so much time on him, but I’m glad I found the reason.

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