Recording problems since January 1

Hello everyone, I have a problem with the records in asterisk. Since the beginning of the year it has stopped recording the calls without giving error messages, they simply do not remain stored. Before the end of the year it worked correctly, the problem appeared just on January 1.It would be possible that the recordings have been stored in some unusual place? I cover several clients but only one’s recordings have been affected. If someone can give me a solution I will be eternally grateful.

How are you doing the recording? MixMonitor? Is there anything output on the Asterisk console? Do you have your own scripts or something that is run afterwards to do post processing?

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First, thank you very much for answering me so soon. I’m doing the recordings with the default settings. I do not use mix monitor. I have not added anything to the program. The (/ var / spool / asterisk / monitor) folder does not generate a new folder. Could it be due to a problem updating some package ?. Would you tell me which ones influence the recording to try to update them? I do not know if I’m moving in the right direction but maybe it will help.

So you are using the Monitor application?

I don’t really have experience with it, so perhaps someone else can chime in with an idea.