When I do reload sip.conf I get No such module 'sip.conf'


I just installed asterisk and every time I do a reload I get No such module. Could some one point me in the right direction as to where I should start looking and what could be wrong.

Following is what happnes:

*CLI> reload sip.conf
No such module ‘sip.conf’
*CLI> reload iax.conf
No such module ‘iax.conf’
*CLI> reload extensions.conf
No such module ‘extensions.conf’

Also I get the following when I dial a number.
Feb 22 17:55:21 NOTICE[3657]: pbx.c:1731 pbx_extension_helper: Cannot find extension context ‘gsphone’

I do have a context gsphone in my extensions.conf file.


At the *CLI> prompt, type “help” this will give you a list of commands.

the ones you want are :
“sip reload”
“extensions reload”
“iax2 reload”

I usually just do a “restart gracefully” to make sure everything reloads.

Sorry I don’t know about the dial issue, you haven’t given enough info.


Thanks for your help liam.