When caller says sound disappears

I use speech recognition via ARI. My program listen 8080 port. Background sound plays during a call. When caller says background the sound disappears.

There’s not really enough information here. What does “use speech recognition via ARI” mean? What routes are you using? What does sound disappears mean?

How are you playing background sound?

Note that playing out anything whilst trying to do speech recognition isn’t a good idea, as echo cancellation is never perfect and some of it may interfere with the recognition process.

Are you really trying to ask: “How do a stop a background sound I am playing when the caller starts to speak?”

We need to know how you are getting the audio out of Asterisk in the first place.

I create external media channel:

I receive sound via udp.

When two people talk, when one speaks, he does not hear the other(something like half-duplex). How to set up duplex communication mode?

Asterisk doesn’t care about duplex or do anything like this so there’s nothing to configure. What are the devices in question? What is the scenario?

How can implement simultaneously listening and playing audio in the channel? I play audio in the channel, if a person starts talking, the playback stops. I want to make sure that the channel continues to be tapped while the audio is being played.

You’re not providing enough information about what is going on. What is the device in question? What is the full scenario (are you just doing Playback)?

As I said before, Asterisk doesn’t care about duplex. If you call Playback() and you talk during it Asterisk won’t stop the playback.

The device, whatever it may be, could be the source of this.

People call me at my phone number. I play audio in channel, if a person starts talking at this time, I want to start listening to what he says in order to send his phrase for recognition.

This sounds strangely like

although a different person is asking.

It is the same IP address on both accounts it seems. I’ll merge things.

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