What's the purpose of timeoutrestart in queues.conf?

The documentation for the timeoutrestart option states:

; If timeoutrestart is set to yes, then the timeout for an agent to answer is
; reset if a BUSY or CONGESTION is received. This can be useful if agents
; are able to cancel a call with reject or similar.

But what effect does resetting the timeout for an agent actually have?

Asterisk cancels the call attempt. Waits the retry time. Then re-evaluates the list of available agent and starts calling them again, with a renewed timeout.

The option is designed to avoid a case where the first agent rejects the call most of the way into the timeout and the next choice one is called but that call is almost immediately cancelled, before they have a chance to answer.

Many thanks. I was testing with just a single agent. Testing with 2 agents I now see the effect as you describe.

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