What's the fair cost for full setup?

I’m working on a client project right now and I’m confused with the fair pricing plan.

It’s a small business with 2 offices, every office has a 12 sales reps who should handle incoming calls.

The setup will include,

Asterisk Setup (one cloud server)
Turn Server Setup
PRI ISDN line,
GSM Gateway,
20 to 30 Sangoma IP phones as physical endpoints,
20 to 30 softphones as endpoints,
20 to 30 extensions for the endpoints of the 2 offices.
PSTN landline.
WebRTC online client.

I care about giving the fair price to match the market pricing, and not impact other developers in the firm.

To make my question more specific. I ask about the setup cost only, as the hardware prices are available on Sangoma website.


For your services figure out the cost of labour, then

The pricing for the hardware, and subscriptions are easy to figure out. If the customer pays those fees to you, add whatever mark-up you like. If they pay for hosting and phone lines directly to the provider, just add a service fee, that covers whatever time you spend on maintaining them.

So a fair price really depends on the market, and your costs of providing the solution.