What's the best thing to do?

I’m new to Asterisk :smiley: and don’t know the how-to’s of Asterisk. :frowning: What would be the best thing for me to do? :question: Undergo technical training :open_mouth: or download, install and explore Asterisk on my own. :unamused:

I have only 3 weeks to learn Asterisk. :confused:

What do you need to know asterisk for ? It depends on exaclty what functions you will need and why.

  1. For starters I have found the best way to learn asterisk is by playing with it. You can start by playing with asterisk@home (asteriskathome.sourceforge.net).

  2. Look at the book "Asterisk: The future of telephony (www.motocross.com.au/walker/Asterisk/AsteriskTFOT.pdf)

3)Join the asterisk users list (lists.digium.com)

  1. Play, play, play and play some more.