Plese help: Asterisk Self study

To all,

I’m a Jr. Technical Support from a call center company that was based on Philippines. Our Telecom company’s main office is in Hong Kong and our system is operated by Asterisk. My boss in Hong Kong is the one who handles Asterisk, but he decided to pass it to the Philippine team that is why me and my team mate assigned to study asterisk by ourselves. It is so hard for us to learn Asterisk on our own. Every 2 weeks we need to send a report to our Boss about what we have learned. We started this task last August 8, 2011. In the past 2weeks of studying asterisk, Since we don’t have any idea to start studying Asterisk, we decided to read the history and watch some videos on Google.

To tell you honestly, I created this thread to ask for your help. I need some tips on how to study Asterisk step by step.

Let me say on the next 2weeks what we need to study?

Hope to hear from you.


Start with this: … index.html