What unixODBC to use with Asterisk 16 and centOS 7.5?


We are updating our Asterisk version from 14.4 with (CentOS 6) to 16.1 (CentOS 7.5).
I was wondering if we should update the stock unixODBC 2.3.1 to 2.3.7.
We had a problem in the past with older version in centOS 6.

Our real-time database is now using MariaDB and the dialplan relies heavily on it.

You should be fine using the version you’re currently using. However, if there has been any sort of security release (doubtful, seeing as how only the patch version has incremented) or performance improvement, it would be worthwhile to look into upgrading. Look through the patch notes and see if anything stands out.

Thanks ,the list of fixes is quite long that’s why I was wondering if it was safe to use 2.3.1.

See here: