What to enter in the Domain Textbox?

Please Consider and Kindly do the needful. Thank You.

Especially the Point No:4
Enter the IP address of your Asterisk system in the Domain field

What does it Mean?

It means exactly what it says. Do you not know the IP address of your Asterisk system?

FWIW, I have the FQDN of my Asterisk server in the Domain field.

Hi Sedwards,
Thanks for your reply. Requesting you to Kindly share the method to find the FQDN of my Asterisk Server.

With Hope,
Prabhakaran. Thank You.

This is your own thread and asks a very similar question.

Note that as Asterisk GUI has been unsupported for several years, and I’ve never used any GUI for Asterisk, I cannot be sure how your form interacts with sip.conf, and therefore whether the original answer is valid.

As I said here:

You ask questions that do not have easy answers. The answers depend on your infrastructure, but I fear that answering your questions based on incomplete information will only lead to more questions that you should be able to answer yourself before you attempt this project. And extracting the details of your infrastructure piecemeal will take a long time.

I’d like to suggest a path to learn the prerequisite skills, but I didn’t learn that way so I can’t be much help here.

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