Can't connect asterisk to Zoiper (they are in different machines)

Hello, I need your help, asterisk guys.
I’ve installed asterisk in ubuntu vps hosted by digitalocean and turned on a firewall, set udp ports 5060 10000:20000 allowed. Btw, I installed Zoiper 5 softphone in another machine and tried to connect asterisk to Zoiper 5 by entering hostname as public IP address (asterisk installed). Username and password were correct. I could not even track the logs in asterisk console. I mean when I connect asterisk to zoiper, sip udp status is “not found” and no logs tracked in asterisk console.
Hope to hear from you, thanks.

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That’s a lot to unpack. Something is blocking your connection.

  • Does your Asterisk installation sit on a public IPv4 and/or IPv6 address ?
  • Is your Zoiper soft phone configured to register to that IP address ?
  • Can you ICMP ping that IP address from the same machine you are running Zoiper on ?
  • Is your firewall running on the Asterisk installation and/or separate machine ?

As a bit of a safety suggestion, you should probably not leave open UDP 5060 to the world, at least not in production, until you configure more protection eg. SIP packet filtering, rate limits, adaptive firewall, fail2ban, etc.

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