What softphone can i do?

Hi i’m a new user of asterisk is a great system …

I have any initializing problem, where can i find a first maual of basic instruction ??

I want do a experimet of this product, what softphone can i use …???

Thank you!

for start go for Asterisk Handbook. Also Voip-info.org & asteriskguru.com are the best side for all type of Asterisk knowldge.
regardding softphone i will suggest go for x-lite from counterpath.com its free softphone & userfriendly

Best Luck


You might also look at some of the IAX softphones, such as Zoiper or KIAX. Also, some softphones will let you add your own logo free (X-Lite does not) if you want to provide it to your customers.

Here is a URL to the new book: h6315.com/ast_docs/Asterisk%20TFOT%20v2.pdf