Lookin 4 OpenSource Asterisk softphone for WIN + msg4 Zoa!

Hi all,

I have already looked in voip-info.org BTW!

  1. Has anyone here actually built a softphone for Asterisk?
  2. Can you recommend me any book that might help me build a softphone for Asterisk?
  3. Will any softphone work with Asterisk or does it have to support IAX/SIP?
  4. Which prorgamming language would you choose to build an Asterisk Softphone? I have some work experience in programming C/C++, VC++, VB, VB.net, C# and know a very lil bit of Java.

Thanks a lot for reading
PS: Thank you Zoa for helping me understand Asterisk. Everything you recommended in the other forum helped me a lot.

just curious, not saying that you shouldn’t, but why do you want to write a softphone of your own? for a fun project, or are you dissatisfied with those available on the market?

if you do happen to find any info on starting this project, please post it here or pm me. i’d be interested in learning what goes into writting such an application (for curiosity, i’m happy with sjphone).

not that i know anything, but i’ll give some input anyway… it would seem to me that you could use any of the protocols supported by asterisk (SIP, IAX, MGCP, H.323). it would be a matter of studying the specifications for each protocol, picking the one you like (or want to see implemented), and using the specifications to write the softphone.

here are the specs for sip: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3261.txt

and for IAX: http://www.cornfed.com/iax.pdf

and the wiki page for asterisk protocols:

perhaps you’ve already come across all this stuff, but it can’t hurt to post it…

Writing an iax2 softphone is not so hard, (we made one ourselves, called idefisk )

Google for iaxlib and iaxclient, your part will be kind of limited to making the gui.