VoIp asterisk -architectural design

Hello Guys,

I got my system installed on Debian with Asterisk-1.6.0.
Now I am trying to configure some call to some out number, which can be any number with VoIP, should I have some service provider for this?

Currently I have IP phone for my home phone through viatalk.com, can just use viatalk to test? I just want to learn Asterisk. Particularly on how to use this as outbound calls generator through some software. Or any suggestion on how to set up to do some tests will be greatly greatly appreciated!

Should I check SIP protocol first?


Login to the ViaTalk control panel, go to “advanced features”, and you will see a link to “Asterisk configuration”. That should get you started. You then need to connect your IP phones to your Asterisk server, rather than ViaTalk. If you use the ViaTalk provided ATA, you will need to ask them for the password so you can change the configuration.



I configured two sip to call each other now. X-lite.