What options we have to connect Asterisk box to PSTN?

Just wonder what options we have so that Asterisk Box can be hooked up to PSTN so that I can call any phone in the world?

You can use a voip Provider and let them connect you to the pstn or you can get your own lines and get a card from digium to connect to the PSTN

What do you mean “your own line”? That is the regular phone line? I see some VOIP providers offers very cheap international call for as 1 cent per minute. How can they do it with regular phone?

by own line I mean a line you would get from the local telephone company it could be a single pots line like most homes have or multiple pots line or a PRI or T1

VOIP They route the calls over the internet instead of the pstn to bypass toll charges. Thats how they do it so cheap.

for a refular phone they send you an ATA device that connects your regular phone to the internet

Lots of info on VOIP and asterisk at this site


[quote=“rusty”]VOIP They route the calls over the internet instead of the pstn to bypass toll charges. Thats how they do it so cheap.

But They might need someone to pickup the call locally and router to destination # (Regular phone). That person will come back and charge VOIP for that service.

your right and this is going to be hard to explain for me but here is an example

im in ky and have an asterisk server with my telephone and regular phone line connected to it I have a friend in Japan and he has an asterisk box with his telephone and regular phone line hooked to it. Now if we connect our asterisk boxes together i can make local calls threw his box in japan and can make local calls on my box in KY . Now I have a friend down the street and he has no phoneline but a broadband internet connection he can get a ATA device and connect t my asterisk box and call threw it. Now if I had a box in evey state and a connection on every box to the PSTN with state wide calling


In your case, you only can make one call at a time, not good for business use like Vonage.

correct again but get a couple of 4 port T1 cards and hook pri lines to it and you can handel 184 calls use mutiple boxes and keep counting or you could spend a few million and get you a full blown phone switch

maybe it a good idea to get local gateway to local PSTN so that you do need another box there. Just pay the local rate for each call.

Well lets see we went from hooking asterisk to the pstn to building another vonage.

If you want to hook an asterisk box to the pstn you have 2 options buy a voip connection from someone and let them handel the pstn connections or get the lines from someone and use digiums cards or another brand to hook it to the pstn.

If you want to be like vonage well thats over my head

rusty, i wish i’d seen this thread before. this guy seems to know nothing about telco or voip, but seems to be wanting to start a business and wants us to give him a free education. forewarned is forearmed…

so what is wrong with that? It is a free forum here. You are free to post and not to post. You can help or not to help.

I’m trying to do others a favor to not waste their time on you. Fair enough? I hope whoever is financing your “business” can afford to lose the money…

heres some good info

searchnetworking.techtarget.com/ … entals.PDF


Thanks alot. It is a very good piece of information.