What LINUX/USING are you using?

What UNIX/Linux are folks using for thier production Asterisk servers ?

For the folks using Redhat - Do you feel the need to use the ENTERPISE LINUX to have Redhat support or are you winging it and using FEDORA ?

Fedora Core 5 : O )

runs like a charm… once you figure out how to run it that is…hehe.

I’m all about the FC 5 myself. Just make sure to use “yum install kernel-devel” and it’s smooth sailing.

RHEL now… but plan to use CentOS on future boxes.

Debian Sarge on board here

currently running FC4, but will be moving to CentOS 4.4 shortly.

if you do use any of the FC’s, realize the kernel timer is not set at the optimum 1000Hz, but 250Hz - you would want to recompile the kernel with a 1000Hz timer to prevent unwanted sound issues…

I am using FC4 and the default kernel timer hz is 1000hz

define HZ             1000 

I dont know why yours was 250hz? makes no sense to me

Anywho - FC4 works great for me

Debian Sarge and FC5 here…

Most of my box => Gentoo
And right now im building one one Fedora Core 5 … I like this distribution so far (I do miss portage) but i have some problem with my music on hold …

Mayby that’s my problem , ho do you do this ???

if you download kernel from kernel org tar -xjf it,then run make menuconfig
there is always 250HZ as default (ok i used to compile diffrent kernels from 2.6.13.X up to 2.6.18)

but for asterisk 1000HZ is recomended.

I was suprised that no one was using REDHAT Enterprise.

Due to the critical nature of telephony systems I was sure folks would be wanting to have a fully supportted O/S running their apps.

Hmmmmm, food for thought!!!

‘fully supportted’ pfft, pointless is what it is, even more so because we are all using unsupported Asterisk.



Unless your using ABE, why pay for RH? Asterisk would be the weak link.

Never heard of ABE before.

Of course I’m eventually going to have to use Red Hat as we plan to buy Dells prebuilt with Red Hat.

Very similar to Fedora Core systems.

But saying Asterisk is usupported is like saying using open source is unsupported altogether.

Kinda contradictory aint it? <Not sure if contradictory is the right word… but I do know something is not right with this statement…hence my “huh”>


CentOS is to Asterisk as RHES is to ABE

Im still upset that redhat changed to fedora. :frowning: however linux is linux to me, i use a wide range of flavors

shouldn’t that be “Asterisk is to ABE as Fedora Core is to RHES” ?

shoudln’t that be “Asterisk is to ABE as Fedora Core is to RHES” ?[/quote]

Yeah, it’s late :laughing:

well… CentOS is the exact replica freebie of RHEL… so shouldnt we rephrase that totally?