Linux/Unix Host OS

I have been using AsteriskNow for a few months and have decided to implement another asterisk system but wanted to use the normal asterisk either source code built or repository built.

I am most familiar with Ubuntu, but I can adapt to many other flavor of Linux.

I wanted to know out of experience and asterisk development which host OS is most widely used/compatible?

From what I understand Digium uses Redhat EL and/or Fedora on all of there internal development machines so by default that means RHEL/FC are the most compatible but there are many users using all types of distro’s

CentOS seems to be the standard system for many Asterisk & FreePBX builds.
(If Digium use Red Hat, this makes sense as Centos is a source level clone of RH).

I’ve used it on many systems, it’s a doddle to install, very stable & has update support for many years, plus there is lots of info on setting up Asterisk etc., e.g. … nux+CentOS

This guide works fine substituting Centos 4.4 & latest Zaptel/Asterisk 1.4.x for the listed versions & SVN stuff.
I have not tried it yet with Centos 5.

Thank you for your input, I will give CentOS a shot, i especially am interested in the minimalistic install that it gives so it limits the amount of services on pretty much only asterisk on the server, unlike a lot of other commonly unix popular systems

Thats what I use as well (CentOS 4.4). I always do the minimal install and build up from there.

I am going to start testing Asterisk 1.4 on CentOS 5 next week.