What Linux OS do you run Asterisk on?

We are currenlty running Asterisk on Fedora and are finding it very unstable.

What Linux OS are you running your Asterisk on and what your thoughts of it.

Any recommendations would be greatly apprecaited.

Many Thanks

Im using Mandriva 2006 x86_64 on a Quad Core AMD Opteron Platform with smp kernel and hardware and system wise its as stable as a rock and a 0.05 load average with 50 simulatneous 25sip 25zap calls with wav call recording! :smiley:. All the issues i’ve encountered are bugs with asterisk itself :frowning:.

I run it on a CentOS box (trixbox)…
It has been rock solid. The only problems I have had are when integrating 3rd party modules. They would sometimes crash asterisk.

I am using Asterisk with Debian and CentOs

Works fine in both cases

fedora core 4 here, but will most likely move to Cent or Debian in the coming months…probably Debian.

Fedora Core 5. Very stable…

i’m running a mixture, FC3 (ClarkConnect) on one Asterisk box, and YellowDog Linux on a Mac G3 PPC box. both work well.

Thanks for all the speedy reply’s guys…

Think I might try CentOS. Have used Fedora Core 3,4 and 5. I know trixbox use’s CentOS and have messed around with it. Seems pretty stable.

ChrisUk, your setup sounds impressive, especially with the call recording. We are wanting to offer our clients a package with call recording but I know that it eats quiet alot of cpu usage.

Sorry to hijack the threat, but does anybody know what is the better format to record in? Let it be voicemail or call recording. Wav,GSM or Wav49?
Which uses the less about of CPU usage and storage? I know Wav is huge and GSM is quite small.
So is there more CPU usage required to encode GSM??

Yeah I’ve found Wav being the best. GSM was too filthy for me it seemed to have alot of background noise and the gain on the SIP call was lower than the ZAP which made it harder to hear. Wav on the otherhand was clear and similar sound levels for both partys SIP and ZAP and considerably less CPU load while creating the file. Only problem with WAV is that its going to take about 3.5-4.0Gb a day for our call centre (800+ Calls a day) apposed to about 800-1000mb with GSM.

Its easy enough to archive them to a Tar on a big slow cheap disk on a nightly basis or whenever your server is under the least load.

The reason behind us using such a powerful server is that we are going to add another 64 Zap channels dedicated to a 24hr Card payment system where Debtors can ring up and pay without speaking to a operator using JavaAGI.

I have installed over 20 servers all with Slackware Linux. They all work great.

Gentoo Linux

the official best compatibility is with Centos, how ever works with fedora too

i am running on fc4 too and have not had any stability issues, but could you explain what you mean by unstable? I’m a bit new to * and would like any heads up.

Hi Guys, sorry for the late reply, time zones are a bugger.
Maybe unstable was the incorrect work. One of my first installations was on FC 3, which actually has been the best so far. When compiling on the newer platforms, I have always had compiling issues. Mostly due to the fact that the source for the kernel was not installed.
Most of the issues I have is just the little glitches when working in Fedora Core, once the system is up and running and is left, it runs perfectly. I am also pretty new to Asterisk and have just recently moved over to Linux. Think maybe just need to get used to the difference between Linux and Windows. Have to say, I am starting to really enjoy open source products…

ChrisUk, Thanks for the info. I also think WAV is the best, but like you said, will need alot of storage space. My biggest conserns with VOIP is CPU usage. When we release our SOHO solution, we will probably not include call recording. In our call centre solution it will have to be implemented but that will obviously include a beast of a server if not more then one server.

OpenSuSE v10.1 - Solid

OpenSuse 10 and ditto it’s solid.

I am using Asterisk & VICIDIAL with fedora core-4 Its running absolutely fine. Its very stable operating system. Can you tell us what do you mean by unstable. I didn`t face any problem in FC-4. Working very fine.

I am running on Red Hat Enterprise 4.

I actally struggled to install on Debian and Ubuntu - but thats just me.

On RH Ent 4, it flew on and seems very stable.

Trying on Gentoo - Not the O/S fault, just me :cry:

I use Gentoo for my Asterisk server,MythTV box and my Workstation.

Been using Gentoo for years and won’t ever change.