Asterisk on Debian vs Fedora

I would like to try running linux with asterisk from RAM with all features and functionalities of Asterisk, size of the RAM and Compact Flash Card is no issue right now but I am curious as to which distribution of linux someone might recommend as being the “most” stable for this purpose. I have been reading and it seems a lot of people like Debian but I have personally only used Red Hat and Fedora for normal hardisk installs.

Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


seconded - you could spend a year working on this and not get a product half as good as what Kristian has - AstLinux is simply incredible.

I dunno - I spent about 4 hours setting up my fedora core 4 box with:

80+ polycom phones
Provisioning for all phones…

It has been ROCK solid for over 3 months now, I dont see why people rip on Fedora soo much, I just think people dont know how to use it.

Fedora works GREAT for me in a production environment.

But I guess running it in RAM/CF is a different story…

Im using Debian and FC5 for asterisk. I think Deb is faster than FC5 (same hardware) and less disk space.

The only problem i always encounter in Deb is the “G.729 non-commercial free trial” which is easily compiled using FC5. … 29-g723.1/

Btw both installations are stable

I’ve been using FC5 here… runs great… would be interstead to see how Red Hat runs…as its a sister distro when you get right down to it.

Running Asterisk entirely from Ram?

Where do you store voicemail?