What kind of server i need to support 300 Asterisk users?

Hi friends…

My question: What kind of hardware i need to support 300 users with Asterisk? I’ve installed servers like DELL SC440 and it works fine with 20 users, but ¿what about 300 users?

There is a guide to know what server to buy?



what do you mean by “supporting 300 users”? Do you want to be able to handle 300 concurrent calls or just 300 registers voip users? Next question is if these will be all voip users and they will be using asterisk as sip/iax/h323 proxy or will you have a fixed line (pots / isdn ) connection and will use the server as pots/isdn - void gateway?
Any way:

basically, if you have any fixed lines, they will the most important thing to consider (because of the need of voice transcoding which consumes a lot of processor’s time).
You needn’t worry about voip calls, because for them voice data channel is set up between peers, so asterisk does not process the traffic.

hope it helped