What kind of apps would you like to see?

This is a thread to post your app ideas. Whether you are a developer, integrator, enthusiast or just curious about the Digium Phone API, you can share your thoughts.

To get some ideas on what others are doing you can see apps listed on the Asterisk Exchange. If you’ve developed an app, you can list free or paid apps here as well.

What kind of app would you like to see on a Digium Phone?

Some kind of tree/menu app?

For example, the specific app I need to develop involves selecting an option, then drilling down to the next level.

This would involve the list object, and repopulating the list object, with request/onreadystatechange calls between each user interaction.

That’s my two bits!

Sounds neat -
Take a look at the GenericMenu Widget (Allows you to create an on screen menu with options) -
phones.digium.com/phone-api/refe … enericmenu
and the NetRequest object (Allows you to query external servers to update information) -
phones.digium.com/phone-api/refe … netrequest

Heh, beat you to it.

Using both those (instead of the list object) and it did exactly what I needed.

Now I just have to figure out a quick way to navigate to the app.