What is the way to create a .so file from a .c source file?

I did not select app_zapateller when I ran config but the file app_zapateller.c is there. Is there a straight forward way to create app_zapateller.so?

Although you can probably do it using cc, ld and install, by the time you have worked out the catches, it will be much quicker to just re-run the install process stating at make menuselect, but selecting it for inclusion, this time.

(It’s also possible that, once you’ve fixed your menuselect settings, you could could achieve the cc an ld steps by doing “make app_zapateller.so”, in the apps directory, but the build system isn’t designed for selective targets (as in the general case, they may be incompatible with other modules, so there is a good chance it wouldn’t work.)

Thank you. I Just completed a month long process learning about TLS and how to configure Asterisk (correctly) for TLS. It’s working great. I don’t want to take a chance on breaking something. I will wait until I do a rebuild to add zapateller.

Enable it in menuselect, then run make apps && make install

If nothing else has changed, it should only compile the new module. It’s not going to break anything either way.

Doesn’t menuselect modify a master include file which is a dependency for everything. Whilst I wasn’t aware of the make apps option (and when I was actively building Asterisk, it didn’t take that long to build everything), I would expect all the apps to get rebuilt, even when using that.

I haven’t done this particular thing in a week or two now (so I don’t remember off hand), but I think that only happens if you change the compilation options, not merely adding/removing modules.

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