Custom ./configure or Make

I will like to find out if I will be able to change the menuselect file with out doing it manually. I have a script that run and will like to have ./configure add in and res_config_mysql and on top of that I have no need for any asterisk sound files thus also disabling the sound and music on hold files.

cd /usr/src/asterisk-11.6.0 ./configure
How can I change the following to include and remove the files I want with


I have tried this before:

make make menuselect.makeopts menuselect/menuselect --enable app_mysql --enable cdr_mysql --enable res_config_mysql menuselect.makeopts

However can’t one have ./configure or make audio change this.

I have also found that

make menuselect 

Generates a file [quote]menuselect-tree[/quote] with I can edit to enable to disable these applications or sound files.
However its long process and can’t ./configure resolve this issue for me?

Might the following work, if I remove the sound files and add the menuselect-tree with the configuration specification I need and then compress the asterisk file again into [quote]asterisk.tar.gz[/quote]

Thus when I extract this new compressed file and run

./configure make make install
it should remove the sounds and add the mysql modules I need?

I have tried that now and it did not work.


overwrite my files and did not include the modules I need. :frowning:


I believe I might have found a resolution:

Following files changed with make menuselect


I compressed the file again and when uncompressed on clean install just running the following installs the modules I need:

make install