What is everyone using for multi-tenant

I know there’s been a lot of requests out there for multi-tenant and i’ve done a lot of research, but it just seems like the few multi-tenant solutions that are out there don’t come to par with freepbx or the asterisk gui.

So what is everyone else out there using for multi-tenant? Thirdlane, ipsmarx, scopserv etc? Even if it’s commercial, whats the best out there?

I’m also interested in this if anyone can comment.

Saying that I’m tempted to just fire up individual virtual machines with one per client, and then using CDR-Stats to report on them all.

I encourage you to check out Bicom Systems MultiTenant PBX: http://www.bicomsystems.com/products/multi-tenant-pbx/

Our customers haven’t been satisfied with Thirdlane Multi-Tenant PBX, as chronicled on our blog: http://blog.bicomsystems.com/how-to-upgrade-from-thirdlane-multi-tenant-pbx-or-ippbx

The best one? Mine… mirtapbx.com

Just kidding, I don’t think mine is the best one, but it has some advanced features not found in other pbx, like multi server and realtime. It is a new product, so a lots of features are missing, like reporting, stats, invoicing, graphs, but the most important features are all there.

Right now I have just one client, with 50 tenants and 300 peers. He is really satisfied and he is adding new tenants and peers every day, migrating from another multi tenant pbx.

Mirta pbx

Our customers use Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX :smile:

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX was one of the first (if not the first) Asterisk-based Multi Tenant products, first released in 2005.
Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX uses Asterisk realtime, provides advanced features such as redundancy, clustering, and also offers integrated Call Center option. Hundreds of small and mid-size ITSPs worldwide use Thirdlane.

Thirdlane is actively maintained, last major release was in October 2013. You should definitely check it out here: http://www.thirdlane.com/products/thirdlane-pbx-mte

Digging up this old thread, I am curious what everyone is using now for their multi tenant solution. I have been using Bicom for 3-4 years now and while I have been pleased with the system functionality itself. In the times I need support for it, it is basically non existent.

If you do get a call back some of their techs treat you like an idiot. I feel as if i am with a ticking time bomb at this point where if the system crashes and i require support to get my clients back up i am going to be up shits creek without a paddle

I have been using the Thirdlane multi-tenant solution for some time now. We have finished migrating all our tenants to the new 7.x platform and couldn’t be happier. Amazing new features and a polished look in the new platform. Well worth the investment. I am pretty sure you can download a trial from their website at thirdlane.com

Michael Greco
FUSE3 Communications

Hello! What are folks using these days for a multi-tenant solution? Do you think it’s better than one virtual machine per client? Thanks!