Multiple Installs at one Datacenter

We are for the interim until something better for multi-tenant is out/updated going to create multiple Elastix/Asterisk PBX’s to serve various clients. The situation is we have 4 clients, so we will bring up 4 Linux Installs, one dedicated to each company then host them over the Internet.

The issue is, with a single-tenant product, the only thing we can think of is having 4 seperate WAN IP addresses, each one on the router going to 1 of the 4 boxes. That’s fine small time, but if we expand to more of our customers we could have dozens or more this way.

Is there a good way using single-tenant and many different boxes each one dedicated to a customer to use say, 1 IP address? Is there ANY other solution, perhaps even some type of proxy?

Thanks in advance guys,

The single tenant restriction seems to arise from the GUI, so you should ask the GUI developers.

Once you realise that extensions and devices are different, Asterisk can do multi-tenant.

(You can also run multiple instances of Asterisk on one OS instance using either different IP addresses or different port numbers. I’m assuming SIP, as you didn’t say but talked about IP addresses.)