What is best way to upgrade Asterisk-1.4.2 to 1.4.4?


I have running Asterisk-1.4.2 Production box along with G729A linceses loaded. What is the recommended way to upgrade to 1.4.4 including latest zaptel etc ?


Download the newer version and install them again, whatever you do, don’t type make samples at the end fo the installation, unless you want to overwrite your previous configuration of course.

Btw: If your Asterisk version is stable it might be a good idea to just keep the configuration you have now and forget about the update. It can create problems for people sometimes.

Thanks. As i have g729a licenses installed i am little concerned about the upgrade. Also, i guess i need to upgrade zaptel also. I probably wait and a stable final version (may be 1.6).

thanks again

No you don’t have to upgrade Zaptel. You could do it if you want too though, why do you want to upgrade anyway?

i noticed the CLI is not responding properly. if i execute STOP NOW, intermittently it is not responding. this just started recently. from last 4 months no issues on the box.