What features are enabled in Asterisk 13 rpm install

As it is not possible to recompile Asterisk if installed via RPM or run menuselect, does anyone know which features are enabled by default and for that matter how to add features like res_fax_spandsp.so

Many thnaks

The menuselect.makeopots etc. should be in the source RPM for it to be GPL compliant.

So how do I use it conjunction with the regular asterisk13 rpms? or do I have to install the source RPM separately to run menu maker? Is that not very similar to installing via source?


The same rule applies as for GUIs, packages are good when you accept their constraints, but if you want to use the full power, you should compile from source.

I’d advise compiling and installing the whole of Asterisk from source, rather than trying to mix and match. Use the config files as a starting point. I haven’t looked at the Asterisk packages, but it is quite likely they are actually sub-packages built from a single build that creates everything.