What does setvar mean in phoneprov.conf?


I couldn’t find much information about setvar usage in phoneprov.conf as with:

;mime_type => application/octet-stream
;static_file => example/firmware
;static_file => example/default.cfg,text/xml
;{TOUPPER({MAC})}.cfg => templates/example-mac.cfg

  1. Does it exist with PJSIP ? (as PJSIP uses set_var, not setvar, I’m inclined to think it doesn’t) ?
  2. What is its goal ?

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Un-commenting that line should give you access to the DB_CIDNAME variable from inside of your configuration file templates found under /var/lib/asterisk/phoneprov/ directory. This particular example would be useful for setting the caller ID name in the configuration file that the phone downloads when it boots up.

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